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A few minutes before 8:15, on designated mondays, simply sign in at the participant URL:

Webinars: Description

explore the use of a distance learning 'Webinar' to bring us together around Arts Integration / IMAGINATION and Character Education / RELATIONSHIPS in service of advanced Invitational Education.


outcomes for this effort:

1 - The collaborative development of an arts integrated, interdisciplinary, instructional unit, with a Character Development dimension, at each participating school over the next few months.  The units will foster the attainment of rigorous academic standards, and do so while developing imagination, creative problem solving, and good character and while developing the ability to forge and maintain high quality human relationships.

2 - The mutual strengthening of our understanding of Invitational Education, especially as it is applied at the classroom / instructional level, for high levels of student engagement, learning, remembering, and application.

3 - Consideration of the use of several different  'Awards' (including the Inviting School Awards) as guides to further development of advanced Invitational Education, in each participating school.

Webinars: Logistics

Webinar Planning & Implementation

Webinars: Schedule & Content

#1 - Strengthening and then extending Invitational Education in the classroom
-Mission - "Cordially summoning.....Human Potential, for all
-Vision - Using the Starfish metaphor for understanding, and applying it to our work
-Beliefs & Assumptions - Identifying, and using other metaphors, as a 'Best Practice'
-Using website
-Evaluation & Planning   + Δ

China Webinars #1 - Strengthening & Extending Invitational Education

#2 - Student Engagement

#3 - Developing the Imagination

#4 - Developing Character

#5 - Starting a Unit

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