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Webinars provide an opportunity to collaborate with a minimal investment of time.  They can connect and support teacher leaders in a variety of school sites, and provide a 'bank' of videos for new teachers to review to catch-up with existing teams.

At the scheduled times -  Second Sundays               7:15 pm Sunday U.S.       8:15 am Monday Hong Kong Time

Arts Integration / Interdisciplinary, Character Education & Invitational Education Webinars

These 'Webinars' are designed to support and encourage collaboration at several sites in the U.S., Hong Kong, and in Mainland China as teams of 'teacher Leaders' work together on arts integration, interdisciplinary learning, character development, & Invitational Education.

 The content will be determined by the participants, with each session providing time for discussion of a short focus topic, site reports for collaboration, and identification of follow-up resources.

In addition to the key sessions, listed below, special sessions on 'off' weeks will be planned for individual school sites depending on the pace set at each school.

Tentative Schedule of first few 'Focus Topics' -


January 8/9 - Arts Integration & Invitational Education

February 12/13 - Interdisciplinary Learning & Invitational Education

March 11/12 - Character Development & Invitational Education

April 8/9 - School Transformation / Invitational Education & Teacher Leadership

Character Education Partnership Webinars
March 29 & April 12, 2012

Webinar 6 March 29, 2012 Richard Benjamin, Ph.D, Senior Training Consultant and School Transformation Specialist; Thomas Panter, Middle School Social Studies teacher
Using Character Development to Foster Academics

This webinar’s focus is on the delivery of challenging academic curriculum where the explicit teaching of character strengthens academic learning and character development. Specific attention is given to strategies leading to high levels of student engagement and techniques for community buy-in. Examples from exemplary schools including NSOC elementary, middle, and high schools are utilized, with specific illustration of certain academic standards, generally considered to be very important and somewhat difficult to teach.

Webinar 7 April 12, 2012
Richard Benjamin, Ph.D, CEP Senior Training Consultant and School Transformation Specialist; Thomas Panter, Middle School Social Studies teacher
Using Character in the Curriculum to Build Meaningful Academics and Social Skills

Focus is on the benefits of challenging academic curriculum and the inextricable relationship with character development. Here social-emotional learning skills manifested through responsible decision-making, social awareness and more, plays a supportive, but inseparable role with academic standards and goals. Illustrations of exemplary strategies for satisfying standards will bridge to the development of 21st Century and employability skills. This process is illustrated at the elementary, middle, and high schools. Explicit attention is given to the transition from extrinsic to intrinsic motivation, and the academic and character development benefits of high-levels of academic service learning.

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