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Why "Systems" in BenjaminSystems?

Best Research & Findings

Research on Arts Integration

Georgia Research Tool

Great Books, Articles & Websites


Research Dilemmas

Hans Rosling 1 - Best Stats You Have Ever Seen

Hans Rosling 2 - Demographic Research - with a flair!

Hans Rosling 3 - Asia's Rise

Very cool, very effective Masterworks/Works of Art

Monet - The Cathedral at Rouen Series

Monet | Rouen Cathedral Series

The River of Wisdom - The animated version of the Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival  (Song Dynasty)

River of Wisdom, a giant painting, which depicts many cultural aspects demonstrating the wisdom of Chinese in ancient times. The animated version of it created by modern multimedia technology, which is the star in Chinese Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo 2010

Along the River During the Qingming Festival - Good background on 'The River of Wisdom'

Romare Bearden - On The Block

Romare Bearden - On the Block - Look closely

Tom Brown Part 3

Tom Brown Part 4

General References

Urban Dictionary

Wallace Foundation

Varky Foundation

Oldies - Classic Research Studies

Piaget - Cognitive Stages

Ericksen - Psycho-Social

Mischel - Marshmallow

Milgram - 

Kohlberg - 

Skinner -

Maslow - 

Bruner - Thinking

Harlow - 

Bloom - 2 Sigma, Taxonomies


Ericksen - Stages of Psycho-Social Development

Incredible General Resources - Don't miss Ted, RSA, & Charlie Rose Brain Series

Arts Integration - RSA #1 - Changing Educational Paradigms

Character Education - TED #1 - Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi on FLOW

Hans Rosling - Visualization of World Demographics

Global Warming - Reasoning with "What is the worst thing that can happen?"

Character Education - RSA #2 - The Empathic Cvilization

Young boy plays the piano before a concert....Foundation for a Better Life

PBS Videos - History, Science & More....

People: Keynote & Professional Learning Resources

TED: Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world

Charlie Rose Brain Series



Accommodations: Special Education, English Language Learners & Gifted Students
The Rosetta Stone - An Early Accommodation?


Accommodations & Strategies

Key Articles and Publications

Benjamin - 1964 paper on General Systems Theory

Kenneth Boulding on General Systems Theory (Boulding was the main University of Michigan faculty member for my cognate courses, in Economics) He wrote one of the key books in my professional life - "The Image" - Where he contributed strongly to the idea that we are all acting on our (imperfect) perceptions.


National Association for Music Education

Arts Edge

International Drama/Theatre and Education Association

National Dance Education Association

Arts Education Partnership


Bill Huitt Website

Dave Sharon Website

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