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Best Place to Search the Research: What Works Clearinghouse - US Office of Education

Champions of Change: The Impact of the Arts On Learning

Reinvesting in Arts Education - President's Committee On The Arts

What Works.....

Mastery Learning: Fixed Achievement / Variable Time / Formative Assessment. Consider: Goal Time/Clock Time & permission/invitation to develop & demonstrate 'competency' and the relationship to effort!

Using Visual Arts To Teach Critical Thinking

Cooperative Learning: Small Teams Work on Meaningful Projects Together

Engagement, Learning, Remembering & Applying

What Sort of Works, Under Some Conditions

Direct Instruction: Sometimes there is no substitute!

(Partial) Grade Level Retention

From recent Neuroscience, it now looks like making accommodations for Left-Right Brain functioning, or for Visual / Auditory / Kinesthetic preferences is not more effective for the different learners.  Interestingly, experience indicates that both might be effective for higher levels of engagement, of all students.  More coming on this.......

How to avoid pitfalls in Social-Emotional Learning

What Doesn't Work.....

State or National Standards: rigor or quality of standards

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