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Prepared for the ArtsNOW Teacher Resource Project, the following Modules guide volunteer teachers to collaboratively develop and implement carefully selected 'extensions' to existing ArtsNOW Ignite Guides. 

The extensions provided here primarily involve arts-based  accommodatations for  1-Students With Disabilities, 2-English Language Learners, and 3-Gifted Students. 

Arts Integrated strategies have proven wonderfully effective for these 'special populations' since the strategies open new windows for receiving input, processing, connecting and understanding, and for expressing or demonstrating mastery.

These materials offer specific activities related to key academic standards as well as tools for use by teachers in developing their own Arts Integrated accommodations in the future - providing both 'fish' for today, and fishing lessons for going forward into the future.

While each 'extension' is based on an existing ArtsNOW Ignite Guide, each addresses a new set of academic standards, demonstrating how to build on the existing Ignite Guides to serve a broader curriculum.  Each also demonstrates a critical skill in Quality Teaching - providing for timely formative 'performance' assessment - assessment FOR learning, to guide adjustments at the time, as opposed for testing OF learning when instructional adjustments are no longer possible.


Playwriting - Unit Overview Peter Minuet - Purchase of Manhattan Island

Collages / Civil Rights / Balance / On The Block - Romare Bearden

Poetry in Motion / American Revolution / Perspective / Midnight Ride of Paul Revere


Playwriting - Extension for Students With Disabilities

Collages - Extension for Students With Disabilities

Poetry in Motion - Extension for Students With Disabilities


Playwriting - Extension for English Language Learners

Collages - Extension for English Language Learners

Playwriting - Extension for English Language Learners


Playwriting - Extension for Gifted Students

Collages - Extension for Gifted Students

Poetry in Motion - Extension for Gifted Students


Review Arts-Based Strategies, with videos of each being demonstrated

Prompt #1: Identifying and Selecting Key (Power) Standards*

Common Language Resource for Identifying Key Standards

Arts Integration and Students With Disabilities

Prompt #2 & Resource: Arts Integration and Students With Disabilities

Teaching Science Skills To SWD

English Language Learners

Prompt #3 & Resources: Arts Integration and English Language Learners

Marzano Resource: Classroom Instruction That Works With English Language Learners by Jane D. Hill and Kathleen M. Flynn

Non-Linguistic Representations

Arts Integration & ESOL

Sheltered Instruction & ESOL - Lesson Plans

Gifted Students

Prompt #4 & Resource: Arts Integration and Gifted Students

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Emerging National 'Core Standards'

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