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General Systems Theory

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Marine Traffic

Risk Management Thinking - Best Video....

Risk Management 'Thinking' About Climate Change / Climate De-Stabilization

Income Inequality as a Barrier to Growth and Quality of Life For All....

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Government, Politics & Civic Responsibility

Case Study - Billings Montana - Community Volunteers Support Traditional 'Police' Functions

Invitational Leadership is especially important with volunteers

 Explore link to Gandhi and Martin Luther King non-violent / 'Invitational' approaches.

Explore link to book 'Influencers' which tracks success when recent volunteers are assigned to train more recent volunteers in a vital behavior.....

Citizens Police Academy - recruit volunteers and provide appropriate recognition of police skills and expertise


Big lessons -

- "Let me see if I understand / actually framing the issue

- "Yes, and....."

- Managing Trust and Agreement

- Give people choices, after 'laying it all out for them'

- make a decision in a timely way

- be careful of getting another monkey on your back


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