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Traditional education stresses tests and punishments, two things that Mitra said causes the brain to shut down its rational processes and surrender to fear. Adopting a method closer to that of grandparents, who shower children with admiration, is "the opposite of the parent method," which relies on threats, Mitra said.

Neuroscience (For Kids)

The diminishing trust in 'eye-witnesses' in light of the impact of DNA proof of innocence after victims have served many years in jail after 'convincing' testimony by an eye-witness - mediated by improper police procedure of confirming suspicions following an ID in a lineup....
And.....more recent indications that eye-witnesses are unreliable....
And.....Recent research on the 'placebo' effect now that neuroimaging shows the impact of placebos...New Yorker Dec 12 2011 p 31

The Brain

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Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

20 Easy Ways to Boost Your Memory

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