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Quotes About 'Government'

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History of the World in 100 Objects - BBC & The British Museum

The Age of Discontinuity by Peter Drucker

"Its themes are the continental drifts that form new continents, rather than the wars that form new national boundaries."

 - rapid emergence of new technologies, and new industries based on them

- emergence of a genuine world economy

- emergence of a new pluralism of institutions that obsoletes traditional theories of government (?Washington's warning about the dangers of the two-party system, Lincoln's second inaugural warning about abusive use of ideology , and Eisenhower's warning about the military/industrial complex?)

- the emergence of knowledge as the new capital and as the central resource of an economy

Turning Points in American History


Taught By Professor Edward T. O'Donnell, Ph.D., Columbia University,
College of the Holy Cross

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Washington's Farwell Address - The danger of Political Parties......

Democracy and Oliver North - in The Struggle For Democracy by Benjamin Barber & Patrick Watson

Political Reflections

It looks like the same people who are doubtful about (documented) global warming and the role humans play, do believe that voter ID fraud (unproven) is a serious enough factor to risk voter suppression.  Are these the same people who believed that seat belts were not necessary, that smoking was not dangerous, and that making rich people richer (the 1%) is the path to improves the lives of the rest of the population?


"We stand today at a crossroads:
One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness.
The other leads to total extinction.
Let us hope we have the wisdom to make the right choice."

Woody Allen


The learner will be able to investigate the relationship between government and the people of Georgia.  ( From 'Why Study History?' an instructional unit provided on this website )

Civic-Minded Petitions for Change -

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