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The Yuen Yuen Institute

The Yuen Yuen Institute is the sponsor of the key pilot school in Hong Kong, The Yuen Yuen Institute MFBM Nei Ming Chan Lui Tac Memorial College Hong Kong.  This school has led the way in providing 'opportunities for moral action' for students in annual trips to teach younger students in Liannan China.
The teaching has directly addressed the learning of English and the cultivation of good character.  Students involved have participated in periodic 'Webinars' with project leaders in the US, working on their own English, and character, and planning project activities.

The Yuen Yuen Institute is the only temple in Hong Kong dedicated to all three major Chinese philosophies or religions: Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism.
The first three Chinese characters of the Institute's name denote the essence of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism respectively, so as to advocate the integration and realization of the three religions' teachings.

The Templeton Foundation

About John Templeton Foundation Funding....

 In 1999 the Templeton Foundation issued a request for proposals to "increase scholarly and pedagogical understanding of an approach to character education which employs the learning and employing of practical moral principles encapsulated in the form of maxims, proverbs, aphorisms, and wise sayings. 

That effort, and this project, is guided by Sir John Templeton's book Worldwide Laws Of Life: 200 Eternal Spiritual Principles.

The Templeton Project "Children and Proverbs Speak the Truth" resulted in a useful book describing the project proposal, its methods, and showing student drawings and describing the plays they wrote.  It also provides insights into the proverbs most studied by the students and the earliest indications of the impact  of such study on student attitudes and behavior.

Templeton Project - "New Assessments and Measures of Virtues"

“Wherever we find ourselves in life, whatever the circumstances, whatever habits may be influencing our decisions,” Sir John Templeton wrote, “we can transform each situation into a learning and growing experience. We can determine how to be the masters of our habits so that our habits can be useful servants to us.” For Sir John, such self-awareness and personal growth depended on a deeper understanding of the circumstances in which good character flourishes and of the roots of good character in human nature, whether understood from a scientific, philosophical, or religious point of view.

The Foundation supports a broad range of programs, publications, and studies focused on the universal truths of character development, from childhood through young adulthood and beyond. The qualities of character emphasized by Sir John in the Foundation’s charter include awe, creativity, curiosity, diligence, entrepreneurialism, forgiveness, future-mindedness, generosity, gratitude, honesty, humility, joy, love, purpose, reliability, and thrift. 

We remain open to other possibilities for extending our activities in the area of character development, especially projects that deal with the crucial relationship between culture (as expressed in beliefs, values, and worldview) and behavior. As Sir John emphasized in the "Laws of Life" that he saw as the key to character development, "When you rule your mind, you rule your world."

Templeton Biography - As a member of the Presbyterian Church, Templeton was dedicated to his faith. However, Templeton eschewed dogma and declared relatively little was known about the divine through scripture, espousing what he called a "humble approach" to theology and remaining open to the benefits and values of other faiths

Other Guiding Influences

 In the West, many famous people have collected and issued the good advice of 'Wise Sayings' for us to consider in creating a good life.  Socrates, Shakespeare, Benjamin Franklin, Will Rogers, and many others have contributed.

Benjamin Franklin:

The Art of Virtue

The Way to Wealth


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