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Thank you for inviting me to perhaps work with Meghan and Nicole,and I am glad that Dr. Buell will consider the ’20 Schools’ Project.

As we discussed, I suggest the teachers go to my website andconsider a few arts-based strategies this Spring, and then collaborate andblend some into a couple Arts Integrated Units for use in the Fall.

As for Arts-Based Strategies, I suggest they try:

    The HumanParagraph, The Vocabulary Dance The 6-Panel Story Board – with drawings

As for collaborative unit development, I suggest they starton my website at

Then they could write to me and we could get on the phoneand reflect.

Sorry my timing was off, I return from China on June 1stand school will be out.

But I will be available by email all the time, and we canuse Skype and talk when we can work out a time – I will be 12 hours ahead, andget up very early, so 6pm here is 6am in Hong Kong, and on most days that wouldbe fine… prior arrangement.

Best Regards…..




Social Studies:  Georgia History & Character Month

Historical Understandings SS6H6 The student will analyze the impact of European exploration and colonization on various world regions.
a. Identify the causes of European exploration and colonization; include religion, natural resources, a market for goods, and the contributions of Prince Henry the Navigator.
b. Trace the empires of Portugal, Spain, England, and France in Asia, Africa, and the Americas.
c. Trace the colonization of Australia by the United Kingdom.
d. Explain the impact of European empire building in Africa and Asia on the outbreak of WWI.


Nicole Hatchett:


Meghan Strickland:

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