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I received the e-mail message from Huang RuiPing (Head of HuaJing Primary School) and she told me that her school would like to take the lead to implement the project learning in the new school year.  Topics she proposed and I amended are as follows:
P1-2: Protecting the Environment
P3-4: Chinese traditional festival
P5-6: Protecting the traditional culture

I intend to name this project as "IE learning circle" and apart from schools in Tianhe District, I also invite schools from Lianan (San Jiang and Shun De), Zhongshan and Foshan to participate.  In the process, teachers and students can make use of the web/internet (Mainland) to exchange views and upload whatever information and resources that may be useful for the learning.  Upon the completion of the project, I would like them to have a forum inviting all participating students to come and share with the audiences on their achievements.

What are your views?  Any suggestions.  If it is worth to have it, I will go to GZ again and to finalize the details to enable it be carried out in 2012/13 school year.


Hua Jing Primary P1-2: Protecting the Environment

Hua Jing Primary P3-4: Chinese traditional festival

Hua Jing Primary P5-6: Protecting the traditional culture

Chinese Traditional Culture & History

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Hua Jing Primary School
Huang RuiPing, Principal
Schnell, Cathy, Ivy, Kelly, Ms Jung?

Nov 1012:
We all practiced the Human Paragraph w/ Dance Movements for 'Three Kinds of Rocks' & 'Three States Of Matter'
Schnell - English Head, and now has the Marzano ESOL Web link, and will work with others to study and implement the new strategies.  We discussed "Summarizing" and related approaches.
Cathy is an (unforgettable) English & Science teacher and has shared several DVDs for me to review and perhaps discuss in a Webinar:
- Reflection of Light
- Magnets
- Conduction
- Mid-Autum
(For Discussion) Features:

Arts / Storytelling
Moral Development / Respect

Professional Development of Teachers by Collaborative review of existing units and the collaborative Development of Integrated Units of Study - Professional Learning of Invitational Education in the Classroom for Engagement, Learning, Remembering & Applying.

Students teaching other students:
Chinese Culture & History

Periodic 'Webinars' between the school and the US Partner Richard Benjamin

Links to teachers and students in Liannan, and perhaps other Guangdong Schools

Complete Phase One of the project before the end of October -
Submit a proposal to IAIE by July 15 to Present at HK IAIE in November 2012

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