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Annual Plan - Complete

Annual Plan

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Nov 2012

Thank you for the arrangements yesterday.

I loved seeing the children, the classes, and chatting with the teachers.

Also thank you, and Lennon, for getting me back in shape with my phones!

The website to learn about the Character 'Promising Practices' award is:

You might consider the very strategy we discussed - teaching character / virtue words and meanings in an ESOL School in Mainland China.....using gestures in planned lessons and recognition badges for teachable moments....   The link to the Virtues Project would strengthen your application.  I will help all I can.

You can see the Anchors Kindergarten award description (select 2012) at

After that you could aim at the 'Schools of Character' award, so you will want to review more of the website:

and, for the overall site.....

I am willing to try a distance learning Webinar for more 'strategies for Arts Integration (as with beginning/middle/end with The Story of Pinocchio) or with Character Education (as with the Virtues Words Vocabulary Dance) when you are ready.

The Character Education PPT I mentioned is attached.  You will need to consider all 11 CEP Principles as you consider the 'Schools of Character Award.

Also, we briefly discussed the Baldridge Award.  Lennon might have a good view of its value for school development and marketing.  More information is at:

Just let me know the next steps as you see them....

Best Regards.

Hubei Project

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