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To be completed by Ms. Lucy Poon:
(full names and positions please....)
Flora - ESL Teacher
Eric - AP
Thomas - Science & ESF

Next Steps: As the materials are developed for the early July pilot, I suggest consideration of the Unit Authoring Template. Click here for more information....

Education for a Sustainable Future - Sample Units............ (Years ago I was a co-principal investigator on this nifty project which produced some very useful units on the environment.....)

Emails as of June 9 2012

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Tentatively identified features of the Project:

Start small with a 'taste'

Collaborative Development of a Unit involving
English, Science, Performing Arts (Drama/Storytelling & Music), and Character Development (Respect & Honour / Tao Virtues)

Participating students will prepare to teach other students (opportunity for moral action) In the first instance this will probably be primary students in a nearby school.

Sustainable living and Taoism - Photosynthesis and Respiration - transformation of gasses (Big Concept is 'Cycles / Patterns) will probably be the first content.

Participating Students will do experiments and make videos to use with younger students, and will see if younger students can also do a bit of an experiment during the teaching.

We may use the Dr. Suess book 'The Lorax' as one resource for older and younger students - starting with a 'Readers Theater'  video of older students, practicing their English and making a resource for younger students to learn and enjoy.

We will start with reviewing some sample lessons and lesson plan format from the Education For a Sustainable Future website, in the middle column of this page.

The Lessons and the Unit will employ and illustrate the use of 'Best Practices' notably Marzano generally and especially as applied to English Language Learners (Please see 'Strategies' from the main menu on the left of this website)

We will meet 'on-line' to discuss next steps.....I will send the URL for the Character Education Partnership 'Webinar'

We will establish some 'milestones'
What do we want to accomplish in time to include in the 'Model' application to UNESCO?
What do we want to accomplish in time to present at the November HK IAIE Conference?
How and when will we 'assess' student fluency in English when discussing Science, for presenting videos to the school Sponsor?

The project will link to an existing initiative, the development and modeling of 'An IE Classroom' (especially the Core Values of IE - Respect, Trust, Caring, Optimism & Intentionality, but also other Core Values from the School posters and publications, and Taoism)

More?  Corrections?

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