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Carnegie Hall Dvorak 'New World Symphony' Animated

Music is an essential element in the fabric of a fully developed human being

Why Does Music Give Us Chills?

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts

Monet - Rouen Cathedral Series Times of the Day animated

Pointillism and The Periodic Table....Making Paint

Art is an important means of self-expression. The Georgia Performance Standards for Visual Art builds opportunities for children to develop innate sensibilities through making and studying art. As students are guided through visual, tactile, and manipulative art experiences, they build important mental constructs. The standards guide development of the students' technical abilities and higher-order thinking skills. This sequenced, developmentally appropriate set of standards for elementary art has been designed to develop aesthetic understanding, creative thinking, perceptual awareness, artistic skills and knowledge, historical and cultural context, critical analysis, and connections to other disciplines.


Theater - Literature, Storytelling & Film

Storytelling as, Curriculum - with students

Theater Standards - As a powerful educational tool, Theatre addresses a child's complex intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and cultural world. As an intellectual tool, Theatre not only teaches facts and figures, but routinely invites analysis, judgment, and synthesis. As a social tool, Theatre encourages cooperative learning, team work, organization, and leadership skills, however, Theatres forte is in the emotional arena, where participants are able to not only express emotion in a safe environment, but more pertinently, able to learn how to calibrate their emotional responses to various stimuli. In the physical realm, Theatre endows a ll participants with insight and physicality, offering them the opportunity to explore areas of social interaction unavailable in reality. And finally, Theatre plays the dual role of cultural transmitter and filter, disseminating cultural codes and values to the younger generation


Dance & Gestures

A Decade of Viral Dance Moves

Dance Standards

Media & Digital Arts

Making Stuff Smaller: Nanotechnology , Color, and Cancer...

The Twilight Zone - The passerby (Civil War)

Student Film-Making Resources

College Student Designs a $20 Prosthetic Hand from 3-D Printer

The Senses

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