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ArtsNOW Learning

A+ Schools National Consortium

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Arts Integration - School Implementation Rubric

Designing The Arts Learning Community - Handbook

Arts Integration Research - CAPE & Larry Scripp

VAK Modality Assessment

V-A-K Modality Strength Checklist

Arts & Humanities Integration Models Overview Chart

Ways To Get More Arts To Kids

Arts In Mind - Arts in Mind is a conversation series in New York City with top artists ranging across the literary, visual, multi-media, and performing arts whose work touches on mental health issues.

Common Core Curriculum and the Arts

Edutopia: Use Arts Integration to Enhance Common Core

Great Arts Integration Websites / Works of Art

The Arts and the Common Core Curriculum Mapping Project

STEAM School Example

Learning, Arts, and the Brain - Dana

Visual Arts as Critical Thinking

Bloom's Taxonomies....Cognitive, Affective, Psychomotor

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Imagination First - Lincoln Center Institute


Arts Integration Models & Approachs

ArtsNow - Atlanta

Lincoln Center Institute - Aesthetic Education

Lincoln Center Institute - Imagination First

Kennedy Center / Arts Integration Model

Kennedy Center ArtsEdge

Perpich Center for Arts Education - Handbook

A+ Schools - National Consortium

Leonard Bernstein Center - Artful Learning

CAPE - Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education

CAPE - Research Findings About Arts Integration

Music In Education - Guiding Principles

Neuroeducation: Learning, Arts, and the Brain - The Dana Corporation & Johns Hopkins University School of Education

Arts Integration - Frameworks, Research & Practice - Review of Literature

Arts Integration as
Learning “Through ” and
“With” the Arts....
Catterall proposes the following: “The Rosetta stone
for understanding transfer from learning in the arts to
other domains may emerge as comprehension of the
impact of arts-related neurological development
on individual abilities to accomplish non-arts tasks”

Arts Integration
as a Curricular
Connections Process....
A curricular focus on a “big idea” or
“shared concept” larger than specific concepts in any
one content domain may represent a more unified and
complex approach to curriculum design....
The use of inquiry by teachers, artists, and students as the basis for
arts integration extends that framework for integration
when real questions guide both the design and the

Arts Integration
as Collaborative
Arts integration is often defined as a process of collaboration.
Just who is involved in the collaboration differs
according to the program or research project. Eric
Booth (2003) suggests the need for a teaching artist
from the community as the heart of arts integration....
Others describe arts integration as a process involving
in-school arts specialists (music or art teachers, for
example) and classroom teachers....
Regardless of who is involved, many have affirmed the
need for collaborative planning and inclusion of parents
and community in order to engage students....

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