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Recent Communications:

Jan 11, 2013   Celia,

Sorry about our communication problems yesterday Jan 11 10AM. I am back on-line with everything working (computer and email / web). I can't find either a confirmation from you for a Jan 11 Webinar, or a listing of ESOL problems gathered from the team.

Perhaps we might go ahead and schedule a QQ session for Jan 17 at 10 AM your time.

Please confirm this to my gmail account.

Also, please have each interested teacher email, to my gmail account with:
- Their QQ address

- A non-QQ email address, so I can make a group email in my gmail folder and communicate directly with all. I can't do that with QQ and so we need both QQ and non-QQ for each teacher

- a listing of two or three ESOL problems, as you suggested, BEFORE the scheduled Jan 17 webinar, so I can prepare.

Please suggest everyone check on my website for the page devoted to Foshan Experimental School


Nov 20, 2012 - Considering ways to create 'Invitational Classrooms ' and 'Cordially Summon students to their Highest Human Potential, Intellectually and Socially.....   Established an Educational Consultant position of the IE Project of Foshan Experimental School.

Problem Identification - Celia suggestion that we first identify a listing of challenges and then focus on one at a time.

Initial Listing:

1 - Celia - Sometimes many students are not engaged, and not interested sufficiently.

             - Initial Suggestion - Try to make use of current, existing student interests and tying those interests tightly to the ESOL   

                      Objectives and Standards ....For example Use DRAMA / film - a discussion with Summer led to her considering the use

                 of English Films,   

                 viewed in class in short segments, with some students required to 'act out' selected dialogues, comparing their English

                 with the actors.  The teacher should participate, to model for the students.  For Summer, this has the added benefit that

                  she will use this activity to improve her own English.

              - Deeper Professional Development -  Collaboratively review the Engagement Rubric


2 - Crystal - Many students don't or can't keep sufficient focus to learn, perhaps because of Attention Deficit

              - Initial Suggestion - Use DRAMA and the strategy of the HUMAN PARAGRAPH, and link ESOL Standards to standards in

                   other subjects - like Science.  Have students form a line and interact to create and 'perform' key paragraphs, with each

                   student having responsibility for one complete sentence, and practicing many repetitions to improve that sentence. 

                   Also, consider DANCE, with a separate group of students illustrating the meaning of sentences and the paragraph being

                   worked on by the original student.  As a group we practiced with Main Ideas, Supporting Details, and Summaries of

                   'There are three kinds of rocks' and 'There are three states of matter.'

              - Deeper Professional Development -  Collaboratively review the Table of 'Accommodations


Next steps:  Prepare for the next QQ Webinar by reflecting on more classroom challenges to 'Cordially summoning all students to their highest intellectual and social potential (academics and character / moral development) and submit challenges to Sofie before the Webinar date and time posted.


Foshan Experimental School – DRAFT Notes


Imaginative Extensions:Advanced Invitational Education


1 – Classroom Learning - Consider 20 minutes on Monday (8-8:40 am) every two weeks of Collaborate / Elluminate with Teacher Leaders, on a schedule of Professional Learning topics, and SAVE each session for their later use with other teachers:


Each Unit will be ‘interdisciplinary’ (China National Priority), Arts Integrated, and feature Moral Development / Character Education


4th Grade – Space Exploration – Sofie

-         Include the balloon activity and “What causes the seasons?”

-         Perhaps include art or story from Zhong Fang Zhe (Jason) – 4th Grader / home visit

-    Consider


5th Grade – River of Wisdom – Celia & Ivy

            - In cooperation with Thomas Panter Team at Durham Middle School and Elaine    

                  Dew at MFBM Tak in Hong Kong


6th Grade – Education for a Sustainable Future – Crystal

-         “Life of a Drop of water”  Math / Science – rate of drip / monthly cost of drip

-         Check for water leaks/drips at home – learn to fix?

-         River Project?

-         ESF Website and ‘Lesson Bank

-         Should make frequent use of English Assessment to insure the students are ready for the exam for Middle School


With Bruce Huang for IT at Foshan Experimental School


Participant URL


Moderator URL


2 – School Transformation / Invitational Education – Consider using IE and other Awards to guide “Continuous Improvement” at Foshan Experimental School – Especially with regard to the development of 1 - Creativity / Creative Problem Solving / Imagination and 2 - High Quality Human Relationships

            - Inviting School Award

            - Character Education ‘Promising Practeces’ Award

            - Baldrige ‘Quality’ Award

            - Arts Integration ‘Portfolio’ Development


            Elements to Consider:

-         Professional Learning Communities / Study Groups

-         Lesson Study

-         Collaborative Development of exemplary instructional units

o       Concept level teaching

o       Essential Questions

o       Inquiry Centers / Student ‘creations’

-         Collaborative Analysis of Student Work

-         Action Research – as in the past – pre-post on environment?

Challenges to 'Summoning Students to their highest potential intellectually and socially (academics and character / moral development):
- Need to learn and implement strategies to increase student engagement (Celia)
- Need to identify strategies to 'invite' students with attention problems to academic tasks (Crystal)
- Need to prepare instructionally for a possible growth to an IB International School, especially in making use of Universal / Transdisciplinary Concepts - 'There are many kinds of cycles - water, plant, animal, photosynthesis / respiration....'

Foshan Experimental School Webinars - Mondays at 8:30 to 9:00 Foshan Time OR Thursdays at 10:00 to 10:30 (Teachers)
Thursdays 9:30 to 10:00 (Students)

1 - Overview, system check, review of next few Webinars
2 - CEP Pie & Triangle, Mr Chu (IE) put Moral Dev FIRST (CEP#)
3 - Creativity & Imagination - Daniel Pink & Lincoln Center
4 - High Quality Human Relationships - EQ & SEL
5 -  Align Curriculum - Assessment - Instruction (English Test & Writing)
6 - Arts-Based Strategies & Arts Integrated Units (Priority on Interdisciplinary Learning & Teaching with Moral Development)

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