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Thanks for this tip goes to Ann Ott-Cooper, Art Teacher & Teacher Leader at Jackson Middle School, Portland OR

Description and Examples

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Consider – Teaching


Consider, for instance, the problem "How can I increase learning with my teaching process?"

Following the SCAMPER recipe, here are a few questions you could ask:

·                                 S (Substitute): "What can I substitute in my teaching process?"

    • Substitute student effort for my effort

·                                 C (Combine): "How can I combine teaching with other activities?"

    • Combine teaching with preparation of teaching and learning materials by having students prepare materials (for their on teaching of other students)

·                                 A (Adapt): "What can I adapt or copy from someone else’s teaching process?"

    • Ask students what are the best features of teaching they ever saw

·                                 M (Magnify): "What can I magnify or put more emphasis on when teaching?"

    • Magnify the attention to building and maintaining good human relationships

·                                 P (Put to Other Uses): "How can I put my teaching to other uses?"

    • Use teaching to learn about other things of interest to you

·                                 E (Eliminate): "What can I eliminate or simplify in my teaching process?"

    • Eliminate or simplify by having students always self assess, and share the results, before you assess their work

·                                 R (Rearrange): "How can I change, reorder or reverse the way I teach?"

    • Seeing is believing – to – I will see that when I believe it!
    • Learn from experience..Learn first, in order to experience it

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