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PART 1 – Getting Started  (Adapted from Character Education Partnership)

1 – Think of a powerful learning experience in your own schooling.  What did it entail?

2 – What teaching methods did you find most engaging when you were a student?

3 – What needs in you did these methods seem to meet?

4 – How often do you now use these methods?

5 - Are there any barriers to implementation, and if so, how can they be overcome?

6 – What method would you like to become better at implementing?

Part 2 - Arts Integration - Self-Assessment Rubric

Part Two - Arts Integration - Self-Assessment Rubric

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PART 3 – Focusing and Customizing, For Your School or Classroom

1 – Identify the ‘Principles’ on the Implementation Survey of greatest interest or importance for you and your colleagues at the present time.

2 – List the main lessons from the most recent summative evaluation data for your school.

Part 4 - Arts Integration Strategies - Self-Assessment Checklist

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