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Intrinsic Motivation & The Destructive Impact of Inappropriate Reliance on Extrinsic Rewards

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  The school fosters students' self Motivation
Character Education Partnership / Principle # 7 /
Key Indicator 7.1
-"Staff and students recognize and celebrate the natural, beneficial consequences of acts of character rather than rewarding students with material recognition or rewards.
      - Students are able to articulate on a personal level what it means to be self-motivated and why it is important
        (e.g., students can cite personal goals, achievements, and challenges)

Atlanta Public Schools - Test Paper Cheating Scandal

The Destructive Impact of Inappropriate Reliance on Extrinsic Rewards:  Cheating by Educators To Show Higher Test Scores

Cause / Effect relationships are sometimes filled with complications, with the mix of Extrinsic and Intrinsic motivations multiplying the complications.  What 'caused' the Atlanta Board of Education and the then new Superintendent to design a 'performance bonus' tied so strongly to narrow 'test scores' and linked to such large amounts on money?  How can we expect students to do the right thing, for the right reasons?

Atlanta Public Schools board member wants Hall to pay back bonuses....


Cheating by Professionals & High Stakes Testing

Freakonomics by ......Addresses Cheating in Chicago Schools, revealed by the use of tools from the field of economics

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