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YAN OI TONG - PONG LO SHUK YIN Kindergarten School - Lesson Development

Proposal To:  Yan Oi Tong Association 

(Submitted / Accepted July 2010) 

YAN OI TONG - PONG LO SHUK YIN Kindergarten School

  Principal:  Amy Ip 

Objective:  Professional development in aligned ‘best practices’ in curriculum / instruction / assessment through the development of a professional learning community leading to a culture of continuous improvement and school transformation. 

Principal Consultants: 

Dr. Betty L. Siegel, a co-founder of the International Alliance for Invitational Education , President of Kennesaw State University in Atlanta, GA. In 2003 she received the Peabody Award from the School of Education at the University of North Carolina. She is an internationally known lecturer and speaker on leadership, lecturing at more than 120 colleges and universities around the world.  

Dr. Richard Benjamin, Project Director School Transformation:  Character Through The Arts, and Senior Consultant with the Character Education Partnership. He was a former school superintendent and taught at the University of Michigan, Michigan State University and Vanderbilt University. 

Mr. Koo Hok Chun, Dennis , a former school inspector of the HK Education Bureau and lecturer in College of Education, a former lecturer in HK Baptist University,  former principal of two primary schools, and Project Officer of Small Class Teaching Project at HKIEd. 

Major Partners: 

Lincoln Center Institute (NY City)!ut/p/kcxml/0wcA1NLTeQ  

Aesthetic Education Institute (Hong Kong) 

Aesthetic Education Institute (Hong Kong) 

International Association of Invitational Education (Hong Kong)  

Character Education Partnership (Washington D.C.) 

ArtsNOW (Atlanta Georgia) 

Savannah College of Art and Design (Savannah Georgia)


School Transformation – Effective Schools Research and Invitational Education through the development and support of Professional Learning Communities and key Teacher Leaders. 

Curriculum ( including art, languages and mathematics) 

Teaching strategies 

Character education (values and moral education) 

Invitational education (revisit) 

Character Education Partnership

  • Eleven Principles of Character Education

Lincoln Center Institute

  • Capacities for Imaginative Learning

Curriculum – 21st Century / Post Modern Curriculum Standards / Unpacking the Standards  (Language Arts/Writing, Math, Arts Integration, Character Development, Imagination/Creative Problem Solving/Innovation) 

Instruction – Proven ‘Best Practices’ Instructional Strategies (Arts-based instructional strategies, Integrated and trans-disciplinary instructional units, differentiated instruction, accommodations and English as a Second Language)

      Robert Marzano What Works I Classroom Instruction

      -Identifying Similarities and Differences


      -Reinforcing Effort and Providing Recognition

   -Non-Linguistic Representations

      -Cooperative Learning

      -Generating and Testing Hypotheses

      -Activating Prior Knowledge

      Robert Marzano – Vocabulary Development

      Howard Gardner – Project Zero

  • Multiple Intelligences
  • Artful Thinking
  • Visible Thinking

Assessment – Development, Implementation and Use of Performance Assessments 


The project will provide professional development workshops with Principal Consultants and will provide and review responses to ‘on-line’ prompts to be discussed and applied with coaching from local ‘Teacher Leaders’ on the school faculty who will be supported by project consultants. 

Generally, teachers will be supported in collaboratively developing, teaching, evaluating, and revising  instructional units which incorporate the specific school and classroom strategies identified from the proposed framework by the School Administration and the Teacher Leadership Team 


  • The first stage would involve two workshops (each 1.5 days) conducted by the Project Consultants, and would address the content  in Nov 2010 and May 2011. 
  • The second stage would also involve two workshops (each 1.5 days) conducted by the Project Consultants to prepare and support, with the local Teacher Leaders in Nov 2011 and May 2012. 


Imagination First  by Eric Liu and Scott Noppe-Brandon

“Aesthetic Education, Inquiry and Imagination” by Madeleine Fuchs Holzer

“Quality Education Through a Post-Modern Curriculum” By Dennis Koo

ArtsNOW Curriculum Igniters

What Works in the Classroom by Robert Marzano

“What is a Professional Learning Community” by Richard DuFour”

Artful Thinking

Visible Thinking

 School Transformation:  Character Through The Arts

Fundamentals of Invitational Education by William Purkey and John Novak

      (Available in English and in Cantonese)

Visits -
May  13 & 14, 2011
Review of Invitational Education
Standards - Post Modern Curriculum
Arts-Based Strategies
Nov   18 & 19, 2011

Standards - 21st Century Standards
Arts-Based / Marzano Strategies
Awards Criteria
Advanced Invitational Education and Character Education  PM of Nov 19 - Dr. Betty Siegel
May                2012
To be Determined with faculty

AN PLU Outline

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