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Growing up, my heroes shot the gun out of the hand of the villin.....words like 'broad' and 'dame' were used carefully, in songs.....and far-off places bordered on imaginary......used to encourage good behavior...."finish your dinner, there are starving children in China" (now modified by Thomas Friedman to "finish your homework, millions of children in China are finishing their homework!)
 Born a few months after Pearl harbor, my early views were shaped by a world at war, a war I only recently learned could have easily been lost.
Now I travel to China twice a year.
And, much of my early wisdom is being challenged:



Annotated Timeline

Before Lansing Schools - Prior to 1970 Michigan Migrant Program . TESOL

Lansing Schools 1970 - 1981

Fort Worth Schools

Ann Arbor Schools 1984 - 1992

Nashville Schools

Cobb Schools

Semi-Retirement 2001 - to Present


Nicaragua - And also teach them to read - 1985?


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Wonders, Reflections & Tentative Findings

Desert Island Discs

Canterbury I - Church & State.....Divine Right of the unlimited Monarchy vs The Church being the State!

Thomas Becket murdered by four knights who thought they were doing the King's bidding (after he cried out 'Who will rid me of this??)  Becket was probably making a martyer of himself, in defense of the right of the church to administer its own justice to priests accused of any civil crime - as they did in the countless cases of child abuse in recent times.  Incredible to modern sensibilities, putting the welfare of children behind protecting priests from criminal prosecution and actually placing them back in positions of trust, able to continue to sexually exploit children.....

Canterbury II

Henry The VIII was prevented by the Catholic Church from marrying again in order to produce a male heir.   Henry ended up having Anne Bolyn beheaded?

Canterbury III - Canterbury Tales

Personal Projects

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