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Sample Prompt - Lafayette LA Comeaux HS
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This sample' prompt' uses  DRAMA (performing for or teaching other students).  It offers opportunities to address acting or presentation standards and involves students in teaching MATH to other students, but is clearly applicable to other subject disciplines.  It also, importantly, provides students opportunities for moral action, key in the development of good character.
Other, related, prompts are available within the Arts Integration Courses, for which participating teachers have been provided passwords.

From: Richard Benjamin <>
Date: Mon, Oct 4, 2010 at 9:09 AM
Subject: Professional Learning Prompts - Inquiry, Questions & Opportunities for Moral Action

Kathy & Bryan,

As we agreed, I will periodically send a 'prompt' for you to consider, for group discussion at one of the grade or team meetings, or for the volunteers who come to the monthly meeting, or, you might simply send it on to selected teachers for their individual reflection.

The first 'prompt' focuses on INQUIRY and the formulation of meaningful questions, keeping in mind that I always push for both arts integration (in this case Theater/performing for others) and character development (improved relationships among students as an explicit goal of the teacher).

I am suggesting a video which addresses the 'inquiry' aspect of the arts integration, specifically the framing of especially useful significant and deepening questions.  But, it also illustrates a prime method of character development - providing opportunities for moral action, in this case, students teaching other students.

Of course, special for Lafayette Comeaux HS, the videos are from a math class!

First, view the video(s) at

Then consider the following questions:

1)  What are the academic benefits of this strategy, for each of the people involved?

2)  How might this strategy contribute to character development, and therefore to an improved learning environment?

3)  What would a teacher need to do to prepare for using this strategy in the classroom?

If anyone wishes to share their responses, and reflections, I will be glad to review them and respond.

Best regards........

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