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The story of school transformation through Invitational Education in Hong Kong is amazing, almost beyond comprehension and belief.  As Peter Wong says - "Good seed, good soil" and he points out that educational progress in Hong Kong is fanned by the best of Chinese traditions and ideas and Western ideals and ideas.  The deeper one goes into his thoughts on this, the better it gets.

Peter Wong, a Hong Kong Education Bureau official, and Clio Chan, principal of Hong Kong Creative Primary School, and a core group of skilled and dedicated educational leaders including Stephen Chu, Grace Kwok, and others have planned and implemented a systematic 'Invitational' approach.  It involves creating leadership schools, invitations to visit the leadership schools, attendance at the annual International Alliance for Invitational Education conference, school visits and partnerships in the United States, continuous fundamentals and advanced training by local and 'imported' educators, and encouragement of all to apply for both the 'Inviting School Award' and, eventually, the 'Fidelity' award for continued high-quality imprlmentation.

Hong Kong schools dominate these awards every year, deservedly so.

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