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Here is the idea - use art to teach arts standards, and to teach the powerful 'universal' concepts which are important in every field, and important in each field....Relationships, Change, Patterns, Systems, Cycles, Power....Truth, Beauty, Love, Justice & Faith.....Evolution, Migration......

The School of Athens by Raphael - Can you find the critically important difference between these two websites - one which has strong, and disappointing, societal implications - portraying how far we might not have come?

School of Athens by Raphael Website #1

School of Athens by Raphael - Website #2

How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall? - in a digital world?

Symphony No. 9 by Dvorak - Guided Listening

Other Great Guides from Carnegie Hall

Chasing Vermeer (with credit to a great 'arts integration' Language Arts Teacher - Erin)

The Astronomer & The Geographer by Vermeer

Chasing Vermeer Lesson Plan

Other Books by Blue Balliett

Another Vermeer Missing, along with some Rembrandt paintings and others, for real this time....

The Cathedral at Rouen, Haystacks, and more......What was Monet really painting?

Rouen Cathedral Series by Monet

The Block by Romare Bearden

The Block by Romare Bearden

The Block by Romare Bearden - Looking Closely / Noticing Deeply / Zooming In

Love Timelines?  How about timelines, geography and art, all together?  Thanks to the Metropolitan Museum of Art

MET - Art History Timeline & World Map

MET - More from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

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