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Resource Article: Integrating Innovations by Thomas Guskey

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Teacher Laeader Prompt

Title: What Might a School Leadership Team Do if There is Too Much On the Plate?


Instructions / purpose:  A ’prompt’ is a………  This prompt is intended to…….



Basic Prompt:  (Should take approximately 10 to 15 minutes)


            Consider the following suggested guidelines “for addressing issues crucial to the success of integrating any combination of innovations.”


-          1 – All innovative strategies in the improvement program should share common goals and premises.

-          2 – No single innovative strategy can do everything.

-          3 – The innovative strategies in the improvement program should complement each other.

-          4 –  All innovative strategies need to be adapted to individual classroom and building conditions

-          5 – When a well-conceived combination of innovative strategies is used, the results are likely to be greater than those attained by any single strategy.


Considerations….We must

-          Drop the practice of introducing each innovation as an isolated “new idea” without relationship to or regard for other ideas

-          Describe the relationships between existing and new strategies

-          Press advocates of a particular strategy to be explicit about the limitations of that approach.

-          Provide support and follow-up activities for an adequate time.


Please reflect on the above and answer the following questions:


-          Which of the guidelines is most important in your setting at the present time?

-          Which of the considerations is most important in your setting at the present time?

-          Who ought judge what level of support is adequate, or how much time it should be in place?

-          Who should decide the pace of introducing additional innovations?


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