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Thomas Panter is a highly dedicated, very effective Middle School Social Studies and English Language Arts Teacher.  Over the years he has authored, implemented, and evaluated a serious number of exemplary instructional units, and is very willing to share the units and their developmental stages with other teachers.  

His assessment results are inspirational, in terms of consistent student engagement, in terms of authentic performance assessments, and in terms of formal Georgia Assessment results.

Mr. Panter has also emerged as a teacher leader, with many visitors to his classroom, and also in terms of providing opportunities for his students - opportunities to teach other students, and opportunities for moral action.....
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Why Study History?

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Geography & Culture of Georgia

Modern Day Civil Rights

The New South: Speak Now Against The Day

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The Great Depression

Alice W. Terry and Thomas Panter

Bringing history alive in one Southern, suburban middle school, this application of community-action service-learning and Artful Learning is chronicled from inception to conclusion. This qualitative participatory action research study explored the effects of this program on 8th-grade gifted students. The purpose of the study was to examine one specific, successful program involving gifted students in a Learn and Serve America grant project site in reference to the service-learning and Artful Learning Models. The results showed improved achievement and suggested enhanced metacognition, self-efficacy, and altruism. The students were actively involved in their own learning, eventually making a difference in their community.
Journal For The Education Of The Gifted > Volume 34 |  Issue 1

Fall 2010 Page Number(s): 156-176

The Compelling Results With Students


Previously Low
Achieving Students

On - Level --- Average


Teacher #1

Pretest   28.9
Posttest 28.9
% Gain    0%

Pretest  27.1
Posttest 36.5
% Gain    34%

Pretest   29.4
Posttest 40.1
% Gain    36%

Teacher #2

Pretest   24.0
Posttest 31.97
% Gain    32%

Pretest   29.1
Posttest 39.5
% Gain    36%

Pretest   34.1
Posttest 47.4
% Gain    39%


Pretest   18.0
Posttest 31.0
% Gain    72%

Pretest   28.2
Posttest 47.1
% Gain    67%

Pretest   31.5
Posttest 51.1
% Gain    62%


Unit Background Resources

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Leo Frank / Mary Phagan Murders - Background

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